Sunday, March 22, 2009

earthour 60

kempen earthour 60 telah pun dijalankan. sesiapa yang berminat bolehla mendaftar di tapi yg saya x puas hati bila ipks telah memblock ini laman web??? wat the hell??? kempen ini telah pun dimulakan di Sidney Australia pada 2007. apapun, secara ringkasnya saya sedar bahawa kempen ini boleh dilakukan dengan mudah oleh semua manusia. jom!! the world is getting sicker!! to make it simple, guys>>just shut off your lights between 0830-0930 pm at 28 march 2009 for the sake of world energy. guys>>u'll be surprise how much energy can be saved. enough said, those people out there>>will you stop polluting our earth? The only planet that holding thousands of life. The only planet that has air to breath in. so>>love our only place to live!!

ps: i am a muvi maniac so my favourite channel is HBO, Cinema and StarMovie..hoho.. "An Unconvenient Truth" showed on HBO. this two hour programme was all about global warming, all facts that lots of people didn't aware of. it's a documentary and not a movie (award winning documentary by Al Gore>former Former vice presidents of the United States). i'm shocked at what stake our earth is heading for. too much difference for the past 100 years. bring my tears down my cheeks.

ps: ingat nk buat entry pasal lawatan ke sarawak tu pada masa cuti tapi connection di rumah ada masalah pula..hehe..biorlee..kita buat entry yang lebih berkmakna untuk diri, orang lain dan bumi kita..yeah!!

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