Friday, June 26, 2009


You are so dear towards me.
I remember all that efforts you make to show how much you love me,
and its making me love you so much.
I even tried to make you love me more,
and I've always so loyal to you too..
But did you know..?
How badly I've got hurt..?
To know all of that was only a lie..?
How much efforts I've stand to forget all the lies you made..?
How much i cried..
How i feel that you easily get yourself someone to replace me..
It hurts..
It really hurts me you know..
What a dummy i am..

I just need to get this pain out of my chest.
I cannot hold it much longer.
I'm too tired for this..

Somewhere out there..
There is someone that is just for me..

Dear God..
I'm praying for that someone to find me..
And finally find each other..

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