Tuesday, July 7, 2009


i'm on my LM (Latihan Mengajar) in Sk. Tuarid Taud for 6 week from 06/07 untill 14/08 2009equal grin. i'm happy because i'm LM'ing with Miss Santi Paniwink, and we get there by her car. so, we can't afford of being late anymorecool..hik3..

all teachers in SK TUARID TAUD are nice and friendly. i'm glad to have such adorable colleagues and helpfull mentorheart.

may my 6 week be bless by happinessheart and nonstressful event..hopefullywink big nose...

also, a want to gain more experience here and there from other teachers.wink big nose.hehe..

what am i doing now, i think a have PSK class after this,GTG..bye byeheart..

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