Friday, September 4, 2009

BBQ Bunsit

recently before the 1 week holiday, me and a few of my classmates went jalan-jalan to bunsit, famous recreation spot in keningau (so they said).. we went to masak-masak the chicken and the sausage. few masak-masak, few makan-makan and kena marah..padan muka ko cacau. we haven't finish the masak-masak part then you already getting exited makan-makan alone arr.. and us memang getting exited and took a lot of pictures, a lot of pose, a lot of laugh.. i couldn't mention the jokes because mr.epi makes a censored one that make all of us laugh. i think my tummy gonna explode because of that joke. its a happy moment and memories... long live PISMK OUM

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