Friday, September 4, 2009

Exclusively wit odel

Hi howdy howdy howdy... i want to share some of my favorite picture.. these picture was taken at the last day of my LM.. it's wit a young boy named odel@anwar.. exclusively taken in front of main office.. haha. i think i'm young again.. odel shy shy taking picture wit me la kan...... dont be shy shy maa odel, wish u a gud lucky lucky in UPSR..

look, odel shy shy want to take picture wit the teacher. then i said, hey odel wat are you far far from me?? come close close..

he move just one inch closer to me and still make that shy shy face.

owhh.. i'm gonna miss all my student at SKTT

to all year six student, teacher Anna wish you all to have a good luck in your upcoming UPSR exam.. study smart, befriends with your books and pray.. miss u all...

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